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Luke Oil strives to be proactive, not reactive while setting the standard for quality, service and convenience in each market we serve. Currently, Luke Oil supplies over 150 Gas Stations throughout Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan. We have product integrity assured through strict adherence to proven industry standards and procedures and are happy to say, “We Grow As You Grow.” In addition, “Watch Market” sets the standard for Risk Management Pricing Strategy’s throughout the industry.

Like you, we work long hours to provide uncompromising results. We have a dedicated team of professionals that work hard to reduce risk for your company. Their specialized training and experience will help you to find the best pricing program for your needs and goals.

Our knowledgeable sales and service team will assist with your fuel procurement and provide value added services that will prove to be beneficial to your business. Oil prices and supply can change in a moment's notice.

It is vital to have a partner that understands the oil industry and possesses the ability to respond immediately. Offering the best prices and providing exceptional service will make Luke Oil your preferred supplier.

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